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>>> this is a live picture from the courthouse in orlando, florida where jurors have just reached a verdict in the murder trial of casey anthony. >> anthony is accused of killing her two-year-old daughter caylee. jurors deliberated for ten hours if convicted of first-degree murder, she could get the death penalty. they could find her not guilty or convicted of her second degree manslaughter. >> they have reached a verdict of casey anthony. we're waiting for word. they are expected to read it out loud around 11:15. >> we'll bring it lives live when it happens. >> coastguard has sent a c-130 to help search for american tourists after a fishing boat overturned. >> several bay area residents are among the missing after their fishing trip in the sea of cortez turned into a disaster. terry mcsweeney joins us from the coastguard station in alameda with more. >> reporter: right off the top, the mexican navy is in charge of search and rescue operations but u.s. is helping out with a c-130. 56 hours after the boat capsized if there are any remaining survivors this is the best chance to find
. it is not some fraternity that operates independently. in florida, the supreme court argument, for example, they are televised on all of them. i wish the united states supreme court would televise its proceedings. i think it would be very helpful to americans to understand the justice system. i am in favor of the public seeing what goes on in courtrooms. i think we need to do more to protect jurors so that they can do their jobs and not worry about what happens after the trial. >> if there were some other country that we were advising about their justice system, what would you recommend that they adopt from mars -- ours that they don't have? one might be the jury system. what would you say to them about aspects of our system that they ought to be very skeptical about? >> well, i actually have had that conversation. during this year, i spent most of my time in the united states. i have visited 20 different countries, 30 cities, and spoken to the chief justice of the countries i have visited. that includes the chief justice of the supreme court of russia, where we had a long conversation one
former florida governor jeb bush. how are you? >> thank you, very well. [ applause ] >> sean: you miss the spotlight you've been out of the spotlight a little while. >> i'm in the corners, not wl much on television. i try to have my voice be heard, but not on a regular basis on tv. but it is an honor to be with you. >> sean: it is an honor to have you here. i'm going to ask you all the questions that i think -- we have serious issues. substantive issues we need to lead the country towards, for solutions. national review was pretty much begging jeb bush to get in the 2012 presidential race. did you see the piece? >> i did. it was very flattering. others have written nice things. then they move on to mike huckabee and mitch daniels. huckabee out, daniels out. >> a part of this is unfair to the candidates that are in the arena, running. they are all good men and women, capable. they've made the all-in commitment in yearning for something else is flattering for someone if you are that someone else. in reality, i think this race, we have qualified candidates. as it gets closer to the prima
to the florida courtroom where just two days ago, casey anthony was cleared of murder charges in the death of her daughter caylee. she faces judge belvin perry one last time today to be sentenced on four lesser guilty verdicts that she lied to officials investigating the disappearance of caylee. nbc's lilia luciano is live at the courthouse and joins us now. i understand we've seen the prosecution come in with what could be a fairly long sentencing hearing today. >> that's right, chuck. it should take around an hour or so. this is the average time we've been told. however, our producers inside the courtroom tell us that there are at least two people waiting in the area where they usually keep witnesses. the speculation is those may be either psychologists or just some type of expert to tell or testify that casey anthony may not be ready to incorporate herself into society. now that's inside the courtroom. outside the courtroom, chuck, we're seeing a group of protesters gathered around claiming what they call is justice. they say that caylee anthony did not get justice. now in terms of the police
as a candidate of the policies that my brother -- >> sean: you teach in florida, i'm going to get into your reform if you had to give him a grade? >> passing, but barely. i would say failing on the economy. the idea that you can stimulate economic growth by creating passive uncertainy for the folks that make investments that create the jobs, which are predominantly small businesses is not going to work. then the hyper regulatory climate on top of that and the fear of just change being always to the detriment of people that are willing to invest and compete and create jobs, it hasn't worked. it is clear that it hasn't worked. we have long term structural problems that we have to deal with. and i don't think we ought to be arguing on a partisan basis. we have short term challenges that the president's policies have been tried and they've failed. >> sean: i look at your background as a governor. we are going to go through a lot of issues that you implemented that are being duplicated in other states. your brother's record as a governor. your father was a congressman, ambassador, cia director,
there. >>> here's a look out of orlando, florida as we await the decision. on tuesday, a jury acquainted casey anthony of the most serious charges. she was found guilty of four misdemeanors though, all lying to police and within minutes, those are the charges that she will be sentenced for. >> yeah. and each one carries up to one year in prison but she could spend less time than that or no time at all because she has already been in jail nearly three years. anthony has been in custody almost those three years. once the sentencing is about to happen, we are going to bring it to you live from orlando. so stay tuned for that. >> a lot of anticipation inside and outside the courtroom right now. >>> right now, crews working to fix a wart main break that's causing a mess in one east bay neighbor. kristy seifkin in lafayette where a lot of people will not get their morning shower. that's for women a real travesty. >> reporter: the women are the ones who are worried about the morning shower but the good news is they have found the break in the pipeline. just over my shoulder they have been diggi
evening from kennedy space center in florida where today's shuttle atlantis shook the ground as it thundered into the heavens on a final mission. >> lift-off. the final lift-off of a atlant. >> shepard: the space shuttle soaring into the heavens above, florida, for one last time. tonight, some in creedible views of the launch and an inside look at aah th how the s as stoa knots prepared for the mission. looks like casey anthony is still holding a grudge. tonight, what happened when her own mother tried to visit her in jail. and, a baseball fan dies just trying to make a catch. >> he didn't catch anything. he just went straight down. >> and his young son had to watch the whole thing happen. , investigating the death at the ballpark. >> shepard: but first, from fox this friday night, right now high above our heads, space shuttle atlantis is chasing down the international space station. a hookup scheduled to happen in the next couple of days. after all, the worries of bad weather and a technical hiccup seconds before launch the shuttle took off shortly before 11:30 eastern this
, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed the foreperson. >> the jury in central, florida, taking less than 11 hours to reach the verdict. they did find casey guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement officers and the judge will sentence her for those crimes on thursday. but casey anthony cried in relief as the clerk announced the verdict. after the judge dismissed the jury casey and her defense team hugged and held each other. her parents were noticeably absent from the celebration. they sat silently during the verdict and left the courtroom without saying a word. we begin with phil keating live outside the courthouse in central, florida. this morning, casey was looking at the possibility of a death sentence and now could be completely free relatively soon. >> trace, that moment could come about a year from now, a little more than a year or as soon as this thursday. 9:00 a.m. thursday morning casey anthony will return here to the courthouse to have the sentencing recommendations made on the four counts of lying to police. those were the four guilty verdi
a caisy anthony la madre de la florida acusada de matar a su hija de 2 años. también imagínese la presión que se llevaron los que leyeron en twitter: "una cadena que ponía que habían asesinado al presidente obama". y policías de miami beach pudieran haber estado embriagados mientras trabajaban cuando atropella intento de violación el caso de nueva york se debilitó fuertemente la semana pasada, cuando la defensa puso en duda la credibilidad de la mujer la que acusa a strauss-kahn y el juez lo dejó en libertad bajo palabra. piratas cibernéticos ocuparon la cuenta del área política de fox, y anunciaron boletines sobre el supuesto asesinato de obama, unos 6 boletines indicaron que obama había sido baleado por unos unos desconocidos fox dijo que esto era falso y el caso ahora está en investigación. no es la primera vez que un policía del sur de la florida atropella adesprevenidos turis turistas, este fin de semana un policía atropelló ane un joven e descansaba en la arena de miami beach. >>> un policía de la ciudad de miami beach en la florida, podría enfrentar cargos criminal
of credit for time served and good behavior the 25-year-old florida mother will be able to walk out of the orange county jail on wednesday. >> the defendant was given credit for 1,043 days and the release date july 13th. >> after prosecutors failed to convince the jury she killed her 2-year-old daughter. she will have to pay a fine of $4,000 and $600 for court costs. remember, investigators and thousands of volunteers spent months looking for caylee based on lies her mother admits she told police. casey anthony admits she knew her child was already dead all along. here is what the judge said before sentencing. >> as a result of those four separate and distinct lies law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy and manpower looking for young caylee marie anthony. this search for her went on from july through december. over several months. trying to find caylee marie anthony. four distinct, separate, lies. >>shepard: probably a great judge but if you read the news at that speed we would be here until thursday of next week. a lost anger directed at casey and at the jury that fo
8:00 central of the sentencing of casey anthony live from florida. i'll see you for studio b and o'reilly sees you now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i don't think she will be back in the neighborhood. there is too many angry people. >> bill: a national uproar over the acquittal of casey anthony. some believe she will be unable to even live in florida. the latest on what will happen to miss anthony. also, a special body language segment on the reaction to the verdict. >> i think she a compelling public figure. >> bill: why are so many democrats saying so many nice things about conservative michele bachmann, a tea party favorite? it doesn't make sense. dick morris will analyze. >> this is not going work. >> bill: and dennis miller with thoughts on the casey anthony acquittal. also, vice president biden saying some controversial things to union workers. >> i'm not supposed to say this. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. dumb, beyond a reasonable doubt
, orange county, florida, on this fifth day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all, dated at orlando, orange county, florida, this fifth day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, verdict as to count three, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. the pundits were lambasted for jumping to conclusions call thed "media assassination," ripe with buy jazz and prejudice against casey an don't and an hour from now after the jury is wrapped help, that is where the mode there are 12 cameras set up where linda drain burr -- linda drane burdick will give her conference, and you saw their expression. they were absolutely just sails with in wind. they were pretty much looking like there was not much blood if their face. they looked pale. white. clearly, clearly, clearly stunned by this jury which deliberated anywhere between nine and 11 hours after getting the verdict yesterday at 2:12 in the afternoon and it did not t
. >> state of florida versus casey marie and the in. as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we(,-bz all. orange county, florida on this 5th day of july 2011. signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we the jury find the defendant not guilty many so say we all. orlando, orange county, florida this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, verdict as to count three, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all, orange county, florida this 5th day of july 2011. signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer verdict as to count four, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to law enforcement officer verdict as to count f
the florida coast. tropical storm bret has formed and this one is very close to florida. any time you get a tropical storm this close to florida or the u.s., you have to watch it closely. it's a weak tropical storm, winds around 45 miles per hour. there are tropical storm warnings for the northern bahama islands. this has been a forecast that kind of paralleled the southeast coastline. that's why we're not too concerned. it doesn't look like this should become a hurricane, probably staying a tropical storm during its life. gets a little close to the outer banks possibly in about three days from now. with this forecast track, this is going to keep the storm away from the u.s. now back to the heat wave. historic massive heat wave, right now centered over the middle of the country. what's going to happen is it's going to grow and expand all the way to the east coast. even areas like washington, d.c. could be over 100 degrees for two or three days in a row by the end of this week. so that's kind of a -- you know, you talk about historic, but also dangerous and maybe possibly even deadly. righ
anthony will learn her fate in a florida courtroom this morning when she's sentenced for lying to investigators, the only charges she was found guilty of in the murder trial of her daughter caylee. nbc's kristen dahlgren is live in florida for thus morning. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. yeah, casey anthony could be waking up in jail for the last time this morning. huge crowds are expected out here this morning at the orange county courthouse as the judge decides how much longer she should spend behind bars. each count for lying to investigators carries a one-year sentence but almost three years after she was first arrested judge belvin perry could sentence her to time served. a far cry from the death penalty she could have faced if convicted for murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. in an exclusive interview with abc news juror number 3, jen for ford said they just didn't have enough proof it was murder. >> it doesn't feel good. it was a horrible decision to have to make but we had to do it based on the law. >> reporter: casey's parents
madre de la florida acusada de matar a su hija de 2 años. también imagínese la presión que se llevaron los que leyeron en twitero un "una cadena que poní que habían asesinado al presidente obama". y policías de miami beach pudieran haber estado cu atropron a rsonas traban la playa ya regresamos para contarles univunivh@noticiero un juez lo dejó en libertad bajo palabra. piratas cibernéunh@noticiunivis@ unosion 6 boletines indicaron q obama había sido baleado por unosh@noticiero univisionh@h@no@ era falso y el caso ahora está en investigación. no es la primera vez que un policía del sur de la florida atropella adesprevenidos turis turistas, este fnoero univision llevando consigo a una persona no autero unada cuando atropella dos jóvenes envían dones al hospital las víctima de 29 años y otro de 28 residentes del estado de washington. >>> Él estaba viendo la salida del sol en la playa y entonces ahí fue cuando venía un policía en un, en los carritos de la playa y lo chocó a él dándole en la pierna. y a la muchacha la volteó. >>> estah@noticiero univisionh@ fue sometid >> stephen: tonight, florida governor rick scott looks far way to increase his popularity. try telling everyone in boca you're their grandson. (laughter) then, ted nugent writes an op-ed. what's black and white and covered with the blood of small game? (laughter) plus, my guest is the president of americans for tax reform, grover norquist. i'm going to claim his as a dependent. (laughter) the supreme court ruled it's legal to sell silent video games to kids. get ready for grand theft tetris. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( applause ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you very much. (crowd chanting "stephen") (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you! thank you so much. i had no idea that you guys could read cue cards. (laughter) welcome to the "report," good to have you with us, and thank you all for watching our last show before the earth swallows new york and drags it to hell. (laughter) because on friday the state legislature legalized gay marriage. now, i am not surprised governor cuomo signed the bill
be under a flood watch. >>> a live look at the ce shuttle in florida where nasty weather could ruin the final flight just hours from now. >>> but we begin with that deadly crash on the beltway. i'm melanie alnwick. >> i'm laura evans. shawn and brian are off tonight. fox 5's stacey cohan is live near the scene with the latest. what do you know- >> reporter: there were three cars altogether involved in the accident. one pulled over on the side of the highway. we have video. this happened around 6:00. it was a cadillac carrying two people, pulled over on the side of the highway for a flat tire. marriage contacted some friends who arrived a -- they apparently contacted some friends who arrived a short time later, a couple and two children driving a toyota highlander suv. at some point a third vehicle swerved off the road and ran smack into the back of the suv. >> my understanding is that the cadillac initially had two occupants, male and female, and they had the flat tire and called their friends who arrived at the scene. the male passenger of cadi
florida area following her release from prison a week from today. that according to her lead attorney. the move makes sense because understandably with a the reaction has been. nowhere is it as harsh and as intense as in and around orlando where local television, newspapers and radio have been beating the drums of rathe and retribution ever since it became clear the toddler was missing for over a month before her hard-part partying mom was forced to reveal it to the cops. and as deeply reviled client will be receiving mental health consultation and therapy upon her release on july 17th to help her heal from the traumas of losing her child and spending the last three years in solitary confinement facing the death penalty. i think it's a good idea she's leaving orlando. what do you think? >> the sooner, the better. i don't think it's safe for her there. there's a tremendous amount of hoes still -- hostility people had to the verdict. she can't go anywhere, can't go to the mall or nothing without somebody saying something or having a reaction to her. i think she has to move away and thin
guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement. the florida mother, as you know, was found not guilty of a much more serious charge with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. after a three-year investigation and dramatic trial that captivated this country and so many people with the notion that it's all winding down at this moment. i'm ann curry along with david gregory in for matt this morning and savannah guthrie and legal commentator star jones as we look at that scene and what will be about to unfold. >> that's right. we know as you just alluded to that whatever sentence judge perry hands down this morning is a far cry from what casey was facing which, of course, was the death penalty had she been convicted of first degree mur. she's served 1,000 days in jail in the course of the trial and running up to the trial, two years and nine months. and today she faces up to one year in prison for each count of lying to authorities. we want to bring in our legal team right now. savannah, as we await judge perry, sentencing for us here. what are some of the options? >> well, one th
in tonight for shepard smith. the florida mom cleared of murdering her little girl is scheduled to leave the orange county jail in just six days, a free woman. her time served. this morning the judge formally sentencing casey for lying to detectives, sending them on wild goose chases to find a daughter who was dead the whole time. on tuesday the jury found casey guilty of lying four times but for the purposes of sentencing her attorneys wanted all those lies lumped together. >> because all four statements in the indictment arose during the july 16 interview between the detective and ms. anthony all four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement were one continuous criminal act with a single intent. as such, each false statement violates double jeopardy and must be reduced to one conviction based on one occurrence. >> the judge didn't buy that argument. >> as a result of those four separate and distinct lies law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy, and manpower looking for young caylee marie anthony. >> and so for each count the judge giving casey a thousand
. back to you. >>> we are following a developing story out of florida now, where casey anthony is expected to be sentenced some time this hour. you are looking at a live look, the courtroom in orlando this morning. >> anthony was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. she was found guilty on four counts of lying to police. but she could go free as early this morning. fox's jessica stone joins us from orlando this morning with more. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, tony. i'm not sure if you can hear it yet, but we have chanting that just started behind us in front of the courtroom. i would guess about 100 people spread out with signs, talking about how they think this case should have been decided. of course, inside the courtroom we have a much calmer, more made up, but happier, more pleasant casey anthony talking to her attorney jose baez and cheney mason have just come in. we've seen her parents this morning. they still remain pretty stone faced, just talking between themselves. they have not spoken to their daughter since she was acquitt
sentencing and if they had done that, she would be free right now. in orlando, florida, i'm karen brown, back to you. >> karen, florida does allow cameras in the courtroom, as you know, and that only contributed to the big media frenzy surrounding this case. we started to see scenes like this one from back on june 17. folks got into it outside the courthouse just trying to get some of the limited tickets that would let you get to the gallery. joining me now with more on the case, former prosecutor now turned defense attorney, jacob frankel. thanks for coming in. you have been on both sides in the courtroom. if you were a betting man, would you have won or lost? >> i wouldn't have bet. all of the discussion pretrial is just that. you don't get a chance to not only see the evidence that is going to come in during the case, but you also don't get a chance to feel for how these witnesses are going to play. so i would not have bet on the case at all. >> after you did see it all go down, were you shocked by the verdict and how strong was the prosecution case? >> the prosecution case was built o
his aba at the university of florida and he is now in their hall of fame. he is a partner in the miami office of the national law firm. his clients range from former vice president al gore to philip morris, to the national geographic society, and he is listed in the 2011 edition of the best lawyers in america. his cross-examination of an expert witness in bush vs. gore made the front page of "the new york times." he has a framed in his office. he was the youngest attorney and first hispanic to serve as president of the florida bar. he was chair of the ethics commission and served on the orange board committee. in the aba, he has been a florida state delegate, chair of the house of delegates, our policy-making body, served on the board of governors, and is a fellow of the american bar foundation. as the aba president, he has led national effort to protect state courts, improve civics education, and fight cuts to legal aid funding. it is his mission to make equal justice under law a vibrant living reality for everyone, not just four words carved on the facade of the supreme court buildin
it is facially sufficient. because that is the standard. we are looking at issues like in florida. you get -- get $500 to a judge, that is okay, but if you give more than that, that judge cannot hear your case. if you are, let's say, the campaign manager for a judge -- because we have elections -- if anybody's interested -- let me just finish that. if you are a campaign manager, he cannot appear before that judge. the aba spent two years on a report called justice in jeopardy, which is online, and it talks about how judges are elected in every single state. one of the document you might be interested in because i understand you have had vigorous talks about this recently is immigration. the aba just issued several months ago the most comprehensive immigration reform report in the last two decades. it contains 10,000 pro bono lawyer hours of some of the best law firms in america. part of the frustration that exists regarding immigration -- and i was just at a white house meeting monday and tuesday of this week on this issue -- it relates to the anchor -- the anger people have saying that is broken
of conduct. state which we provided to the court that's 934 southern second 634 that's a florida second d.c.a. case from 2006. the defendant was convicted of 15 counts of using a computer to seduce a child. at issue was whether counts five and six among other things arose from a single criminal episode. and ham mill the court articulated the test to considering whether offense orrises from a single criminal episode. in that test the court articulated -- >> let me stop you for a second. >> yes, your honor. >> i don't seem soft benefit of what you said you provided the court. >> i apologize, your honor. i gave that to the clerk and i should have instructed that you needed to have that. >> okay. okay. go ahead. >> thank you, your honor. this test requires the court to look to whether there was a separation of time, place or circumstances between the crimes because those factors are objective criteria utilized to determine whether there are distinct and independent criminal acts or whether there is one continuous criminal act with a single criminal intent. court went onto say that the spatial
,000 degrees on the outside. when it breaks through the atmosphere, many of the folks in florida will hear those famous son iic booms. about five minutes before the landing, the commander will take manual control of the shuttle and pilot it to the grounds. when the orbiter hits the runway, it will be going 220 miles an hour. the shuttle will land for the last time ever at 5:56 a.m. eastern time. and just so you know, nasa is considering this a night landing. the landing time is 42 minutes before sunrise in florida. once the shuttle touches down on the runway, you want to listen for the commander of the "atlantis," chris ferguson, to say the words, "wheels stop." when this happens, the shuttle program is officially over. >>> let's go to houston mission control where ed lavendera joins us live. so our viewers know, the space shuttle takes off from kennedy space center in florida, but as soon as it is up houston takes control for that time and for the rest of the mission. how's it looking down there at mission control? >> reporter: everything we've kept hearing all morning long is that everyt
the gentleman from florida rise? mr. young: madam chairman, i move that the committee do now rise. the chair: the question is on the question that the committee rise. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted and the committee rises. the speaker pro tempore: madam chair. the chair: the committee of the whole house on the state of the union having had under consideration h.r. 2219 direct me to report it has come to no resolution -- resolution therein. the speaker pro tempore: the chair of the committee of the whole house on the state of the union reports that the committee has had under consideration h.r. 2219 and has come to no resolution thereon. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause of rule 20, the chair will postpone further proceedings today on motions to suspend the rules on which a recorded vote or the yeas and nays are ordered. or on which the vote incurs objection under clause 6 of rule 20. record votes on postponed questions will be taken later. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose do
the verdicts. >> the circuit court for the ninth judicial circuit in and for orange county, florida, state of florida versus casey marie anthony, as to case number 2008 cf-156650. verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty as to murder, on this 5th day of july, 2011. signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we the jurd find the defendant not guilty, so say we are, dated at orlando, orange county, florida, dated this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the aggravated manslaughter of a child. we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all dated in orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer, verdict as to count four, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information t
a florida jail a week from sunday. that's different from the date announced yesterday by the florida corrections department. authorities recalculated the time and after the judge sentenced her to four years for lying to investigators, she will now get out of jail july 17th. >>> nasa is keeping a close eye on the weather in florida today. the shuttle atlantis is scheduled to liftoff just before 11:30. it's destined to be the last spaceflights for some time. former astronauts and space buffs are gathering in central florida for that crossing their fingers and hoping the skies clear for an all systems go. fox 5's bob barnard has more. >> reporter: weather clearly a worry. this bolt of lightning striking a third of a mile from the launch pad. >> the launch, the main concern is still having showers and thunderstorms in the area. with that. we have a 70% chance of weather prohibiting launch. >> reporter: the atlantis crew, mission specialist sandy magnet and rex wallheim, chris ferguson and hurley, are going to space. >> the decision to retire the space shuttle was developed a long ago. >>
no backup delay for the west bound ride >> thank you now back live to orlando florida waiting to see the sentencing of casey anthony she was found not guilty of the charges of murdering her two year-old daughter caylee she was found guilty of lying four counts to police officers. it could provide up to a year in prison on each count. this is life in the courtroom. maybe we do not have audio as they are talking to eat her lawyer before the sentencing she doesn't look too nervous or upset they been chatting we been monitoring this shot for the past five minutes waiting to see the possibilities of what would happen. >> they're not dealing want chatting help doesn't up posting on our facebook page discussing as expressing their feelings casey anthony being found not guilty in that murder of her two year-old daughter. join our fan page and join the discussion >> as we continue to look at this story and some of the reaction to it. we will continue to monitor this will live in pittsburgh or a shooting happen along a trail and the fog and the he is returning this afternoon and this is one of
prestigiosa barra de abogados del sur de la florida entre otras cosas, porque llegÓ a fallar en el pago de la mantenciÓn para su hija. y que se le conocÍa como el niÑo malo de las cortes debido a su comportamiento considerado inapropiado. josÉ bÁez de origen puertorriqueÑo era un desconocido con apenas 3 aÑos de practica. >>> algo que se le presentÓ, que era una oportunidad Única. que no se le presenta a todos los abogados. >>> nacido en puerto rico, bÁez creciÓ en el bronx y en el sur de la florida. a los 17 aÑos, tuvo que dejar la escuela, porque se convirtiÓ en padre y tuvo que contraer matrimonio despuÉs ingresÓ a la marina. se graduÓ del colegio comunitario de miami dade y la universidad de la florida. a los 29 aÑos. terminÓ sus estudios en la escuela de leyes de la universidad santo tomÁs. casey anthony confesÓ a su familia que escuchÓ su nombre en la cÁrcel. a sus padres, siempre les pareciÓ una decision incorrecta. pero el veredicto del jurado le reivindicÓ y hoy, con algunas o muchas turbulencias, josÉ bÁez estÁ en la cima de su carrera. >>> la semana pasad
>>> good morning, breaking news. the space shuttle "atlantis" touches down in florida, the final mission for the shuttle program. >> fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other, its place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. >> stunning images, strong emotions, and questions. what is the future for manned space flight in the united states? >>> going to extremes. that dangerous heat wave keeping the nation in its grip. 32 states under a heat advisory, triple-digit temperatures. in some places, it will feel like 115 degrees. al's tracking it all. >>> and lost hope -- family members of those three hikers swept over a yosemite water fall are distraught. >> he was just one of those people where he really didn't deserve it. >> park rangers have called off the search today, thursday, july 21, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie in for ann today. you had to have a lump in your throat when the space shuttle "atlantis" t
right. there is a lot of rain across florida, and there will be more, so it will not be every second, but it will keep moving from cuba the florida straits across part of the peninsula. good luck, buddy. >> we will cross our fingers for you. >>> a look around the area, a time-lapse taking you to the district at the elementary school. cloudy skies for much of the metro area but as we went through the noon hours the sunshine came out and temperatures starting to warm up but moisture levels are so high, it is very uncomfortable outside. in hagerstown, 91, with the heat index of 92. the winds are calm. 88 degrees know in sterling. 91 is what it feels like. if you hours ago we were in the may 80's. we are seeing more. winchester martinsburg at 91 89 in hagerstown. more clouds and a little cooler. 77 degrees and rain in lexington park. these are the temperatures that tell you the true measure of moisture in the air, and when you add dew point temperatures in the 70's and temperatures in the 80's, it is more uncomfortable. it is not going to move in our direction yet. it will be warm and s
history of the state of florida have ever gone to death row, both serial killers. this elected district attorney going up against a law & order republican in a primary or in an election sought to show this community that he was tougher than anybody else. he went overreaching. >> bill: maybe he was overreaching. >> geraldo: wait a second. let me say what you suggested. >> bill: go ahead. >> i'm not talking about jeff ashton. i'm talking about his boss. you said that you thought that you were convinced beyond a doubt that casey anthony killed this child even alone or in con sort. those are different. did she have help? not have help? no proof as to how the child die. how do you about know the child didn't drown and then she panicked? her behavior was hideously inappropriate in the weeks following the child's death, we know that. >> bill: you can't acquit on a theory that has no foundation in fact. >> geraldo: why didn't they convict on on struction of justice? >> bill: probably the prosecution overreached and should have gone for a heavy duty manslaughter deal. probably that in hindsight
# # #ciero isionh@noticiunivisi presdo nuestro una corte federal de la florida el gobierno de estados unidos reconoció que algunas de las sar más recuperadas en colombia se usaron para lo menos en un homicidio cometido por sicarios de la oficina. esta banda fue dirigida por el narcotraficante diego murillo, condenado en estados unidos por cargos de narcotráfico. otras armas se hallaron en poder de un conocido sicarionoero uni colombiano o se incautun h@ unidos en tegucigalpa para nime@ preguntarle si había una operación con ellos. dijeron que no. >>> la operación náufranáufrago inició en julio del 2009, con el seguimiento de un condecorado guerrero de vietnam, otrasrmasun cociero "mata polunh@noticieroa naal y ee.h@ticierivisioh@ionhl >>> en la h@noticiero univisioav h@al adjnoticiunivish@noticiero@ porque el seguimiento no se hace en centro ivisiodamérih@ h@ >>> el ministroo univ de seguri honduras oscar Álvarez llegó hoy operación h@ náufrago seish@noticiero univis numerosasnotici munición y 564 dólares, una corte de la florida condenó a 30 meses de prisió
recortes sobre este programa >>> solo en el sur de la florida, se estima que unos 60 mil estudiantes se benefician de las becas solamente en el sur de la florida, vamos a una pausa comercial consultas gratis de inmigración, la abogada responde sus preguntas abogaron al gobierno, pero no recibieron, y ahora lo callan sus denuncias de discriminación en colombia, una polémica que quiere regular la cantidad >>> atención campesinos y rancheros hispanos en estados unidos, una demanda por discriminación contra el departamento de agricultura terminó en un acuerdo que podría poner miles de dólares en sus bolsillos, tenemos todos los detalles >>> arturo de león, camina con lo que hace poco era un campo de calabazas, hoy hay solo rocas >>> para mí es un gran fracaso >>> 2 heladas consecutivas, llevaron a su finca a la banca rota >>> para mí es una gran pérdida y un gran dolor de no poder seguir hacia adelante, es lo único que sé >>> de léon trató de no terminar así, le pidió 2 préstamos al departamento de agricultura y fue rechazado, como muchos >>> creo que es discriminación >
apoyo a wikileaks.univh@not uni ed.noct de columbia, florida, massachusetts, nuevo mÉxico y inunh@not uni ed.noctr.h@h@not no son los que estÁn atacando. >> es decir,1 vez que entran a las computadoras de la gente comÚn y corriente las usan y las programan pa.noc hacker el que se metiÓ. >> con propÓsitos generalmente del robo de fondos.i ed.n. >> no es por dinero, es mÁs por fama. >> los expertos aconsejan seguir pasos para evitar que su computadora sea utilizada para este tipo de ataque. >> lo primero que hay que hacer, estar seguro que todas h@ con una clave. no abra correos y no sabe de >> los individuos han sido acusados de conspiraciÓn, con not uni ed.noctr.h@ncional a un computador protegido. pueden tener una pena mÁxima de 10 aÑos en prisiÓnh@univisionnor >> vamos a cambiar de tema, el respondieron a un suo interrogatorio en el parlamento britÁnico sobre el espionaje telefÓ del tide. el magnate pidiÓ perdón y dijo que decidiÓ cerrar el diario porque se sentÍa avergonzado. en esas imÁgenes, fue atacado por un manifestante que se levantÓ del Áre
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